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My Reasons for Kicking the Coffee Habit September 25, 2008

I used to drink two medium sized Styrofoam cups of coffee per day. I have been weaning little by little off of coffee since the beginning of August. I just have a couple more days to go. And boy, am I feeling the withdrawal!

Below are my reasons for wanting to quit:

  • It increases my appetite.
  • It is acidic and is thought to worsen or cause arthritis (which I have).
  • Because I have arthritis and am deconditioned, I’d rather be hydrating my innards instead of dehydrating them.
  • It causes frequent urination.
  • It sometimes actually made me tired.
  • I have severe RLS and it can only worsen it.

The below two stories about coffee drinking helped me feel even better about my decision:

I will update this two weeks or a month into my detoxing period to talk about any changes in my feelings or physical condition. I want to be able to work out and do Yoga like I used to, so I will give up anything for that. 🙂

Good luck to all of you that decide to quit coffee.


2 Responses to “My Reasons for Kicking the Coffee Habit”

  1. ichiro998 Says:

    Brilliant idea to kicking the coffee habit. I used to drink coffee a couple times per week, but switched to green tea instead because it doesn’t stain teeth as much. I haven’t drank coffee in more than 6 months. Although there are many good benefits to coffee, there are more health benefits to green tea. Coffee is just like an energy drink that works for a couple hrs then it wears off. Keep up the good work!!

  2. virgomonkey Says:

    Thanks Ichiro. I used to live in Japan, and I am a big fan of pure and authentic Japanese green tea. I like the high quality kind. My only hesitation is that it is still dehydrating due to the high amounts of caffeine, isn’t it? In any event, once my system is in better shape and more detoxed, I may have some green tea every once in a while. No matter how you roll the dice, it is hard to deny the tasty flavor that green tea has along with its calming effect. 🙂

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