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What music do you listen to when you do yoga? September 29, 2008

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The 7 best yoga music albums of all time can be found here (just in case you’re looking).

I have tried putting all sorts of disks into my CD player with relaxing yoga music on it that I find excellent. However, in practice, the one CD that I keep playing (or returning back to) during my yoga sessions is called, “Natives” by R. Carlos Nakai and Peter Kater. There are samples from this CD on amazon.com if you’re interested.

If you want something simply to relax to, this is an amazing album.

If you are doing Yoga at the beach, the sound of nature is better than anything, of course. But if you’re at home, what do you listen to? I’d be curious to hear what helps others get into that “Yoga mood”.


2 Responses to “What music do you listen to when you do yoga?”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I took a yoga PE class in middle school, and I brought in a Green Day CD once. My teacher loved Time of Your Life and Last Ride In.

  2. David Says:

    Hi, thanks for stopping in!

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