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Comment Policy September 27, 2008

All I ask you to do (if you’re going to comment) to READ the entire entry in it entirety. See how I stress the word, “entire”. I have another blog and the majority of people that comment, do not read the full post and wind up jumping to inane conclusions about what I wrote. If they had clicked on the links in my post and read it in full, it would have saved them time and saved me time repeating myself and giving a course on how to read web pages. You’d be surprised how many people out there that cannot identify a hyperlink (a link!).

So, if I am ever rude, it is because I do not have patience with lazy people.

Abusive comments will simply be deleted, not read in full, and the commenter will be banned.



2 Responses to “Comment Policy”

  1. Faggot86 Says:

    That is a matter of pure chance. ,

  2. Mr.Carrot78 Says:

    Concerning the two rotor versions, I once was part of a privateer 911 Porsche road race team. ,

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